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FAST, FURRY & DANGEROUS ~ Revenge of the P.I.T.H ~ Part VII


Featuring our latest mind-blowing, fur-raising, dam-busting, bestest adventure to date!

The Heathen Hoard are on a mission to save Sleepy Hollow and life as they know it, can they do it?

Pawesome greetings supurr pals

We know this is the post mew've all been waiting fur since last Tuesday, so welcome to part VII of our; on-the-edge of your seat, nail-biting, fur-twiddling, tail thrashing, nerve-wracking adventure, and if mew missed any of the previous episodes, here's the catch up links:


A quick recap from the last episode:

"Go ahead Purredator," the voice replied.

"The co-ordianates are..." Parsley said rambling off the longitude and latitude from memory.

"Copy that Purredator," the voice replied. "Do you need air strike?"

"Do we need air strike?" Parsley asked me.

"Only if the P.I.T.H. attacks furst," I answered as I overtook another Sunday driver. "We don't really want to turn Sleepy Hollow into a civilian war zone if we can help it, but those squirrels are capable of anything right now!"

"Air Base Delta we require repeated fly offur until hostiles retreat," Parsley said. "Air strike only if hostiles attack furst, I repeat air strike only if hostiles attack furst."

"Copy that," the voice said. "Five fighter jets have been deployed eta in six minutes and thirty seconds."

I took a deep breath as I careened around several more Sunday drivers.  Tapping my comms unit I said. "Snowie are mew there?"

"Basil I'm here, Amber is up-top and C.J. is getting armed to the teeth, even Horice is out!" she answered.

"I have air support coming, they will be with mew in just offur five minutes," I said quickly. "They will only fire if the P.I.T.H attack, so try not to engage as hopefully when they see my old air force crew they'll retreat."

"Copy that," Snowie said.

"Where's Humphrey?"  I asked.

"He's gone dark!" she answered.

My heart sank at that because knowing Humphrey the way I do could only mean one thing, he was planning an ambush which was really, really, really bad news!

"Is there any way to contact him?" I said urgently, as a brainwave hit me like a shovel in the face. "Wait, get one of the robotic pigeons and send it with a message to him, telling him not to engage in a fire fight and do it now, because if he starts shooting, the fighter jets are going to unleash hell."

I heard Snowie's gulp and she squeaked. "Copy that, I'm on it!"

Gripping the steering wheel tighter I clenched my teeth and drove like a cat out of hell.

** And Cut **

Part VII

Fly-by's and Falling!

'And Action!'

Deep in the forest Humphrey had cut comms and gone full Purredator-mode, tracking the P.I.T.H. in total stealth.

High in the tree canopy he spied the heavily armed pawty of five slowly making their way towards Sleepy Hollow.

"Flipping freakin' freakin' freak!" he muttered angrily to himself as he checked his own weapons. "One Uzi and five spare clips, check. One machete, check. One glock plus spare clips, check...  damn it I don't have enough weapons!"

He took a deep breath as he leapt into the branches of a rather dense fir tree.

"Shhhhhhh," said one of the P.I.T.H. suddenly.  "What was that sound?"

All five squirrels stopped dead in their tracks and began to scan the foliage.

Humphrey stayed motionless and inwardly cursed the offur-flexible branch he'd landed on.

"Scooter, canopy scan stat!" said the fat squirrel wearing the camo scarf.

"On it Snitch," Scooter replied and then added. "Gimme a leg up Ace, I can't seem to get any purchase!"

Ace shoved him up the nearest tree as Snitch said. "Bazooka Brothers, take left and right, if mew see any of those pussy's let 'em have taste of terror, copy?"

The two helmeted squirrels nodded and scampered off in different directions.

Humphrey held his breath as Scooter quickly ascended the tree right next to his.

'This is going to get messy real fast,' he thought.

*     *     *

Snowie was watching the monitors closely.

"Amber come in," she said.

"I'm here," Amber replied.

"What's happening up top?" Snowie asked.

"All quiet on the western front," Amber said. "C.J.'s took the chopper, he's gone to find Basil."

"What?" Snowie cried in shock.

"C.J.'s taking the chopper to Basil, he say's he can be at his local in five minutes-ish."

"What's he flying, a rocket?" Snowie almost laughed.

"Appurently the F.I.B. have tech they don't want to discuss, he said and I repeat, I can be with Basil in five minutes-ish!" Amber replied.

"So who the flip is up there with mew?" Snowie asked her voice full of concern.

"Oh I'm ok, Horice has got his magick-ju-ju thingumabob on standby, Posie is in the cloud and I've got more weapons than mew could poke a stick at, plus I've activated the newly installed invisible perimeter fence and armed it, so anypurrdy thinking they're just going to waltz in here is going to get the shock of their lives, quite literally!" she laughed loudly. "Like 50,000 volts of shock!"

Snowie paused before she said. "And when did this perimeter fence get installed?"

"Oh," Amber said, suddenly remembering that she'd furgotten to tell Snowie about it. "I finished the install last week and this is the purrfect oppurrtunity to test it with real live hostiles, how pawesome is that and so lucky too!"

"And WHOM else knows about this latest install?" Snowie asked tersely.

"Ummmmmm.... me, Basil, Humphrey...." Amber took a breath. "Ummmmm, actually we all know."

"And when were mew going to tell me?" Snowie growled.

"Ummmmmm....." Amber began and then said. "SURPRISE we've got a new invisible high voltage perimeter fence that is rather lethal... muwhahahahahahahahaaaa!"

Snowie shook her head in dismay. "Thanks fur letting me know and talking of keeping the TEAM in the loop I'd better tell Basil C.J. is on his way and to find a field asap!"

*     *     *

I raced along a narrow country lane trying to save some time by driving in a more direct route.

Parsley suddenly said. "Basil this road is a dead end."

Smooch looked at the Sat-Nav and concurred. "Yeah Basil there's no road dude, only forest ahead."

I turned and looked at them. "Guys do mew think I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going?" I asked pushing the accelerator hard to the floor and the engine roared. "We don't have time to be pussy-footing around mew know!"

"Looooooooooook ouuuuuuuuuuuuut!" Parsley and Smooch suddenly screamed at the same time.

I turned my attention back to the road and there were three big concrete blocks dead ahead blocking the route into the forest.

"Oh shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!" I yelled and spun the steering wheel hard left, the hummer glanced off one of the concrete blocks and we shot forward, almost catapulted into the forest.    

My heart was beating like a jack-hammer in my chest and wurking its way up to my throat as Parsley and Smooch screamed like gurls.  The abrupt surge of adrenaline pumped through my veins and all of a sudden I felt alive, let me say that again, I FELT ALIVE!

The hummer bounced several times and nearly rolled offur, but I turned the steering wheel hard and the wheels hit the ground spinning, we skidded and swerved as the tyres tried to find a grip on the damp claggy earth.  I eased off the accelerator, letting the revs down as we continued to skid for a few yards until the tyres gripped the ground and shot us forward on the rough terrain.

I was grinning like a mad-cat as I turned and looked at Parsley and Smooch.

"WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO that was INSANE!" I grinned wildly and then added. "Alright dudes?"

They looked at me and then whooped too. "Yeah that was so pawesome!" Parsley said. "I thought like fur one second we were like totally toast dude!"

"Yeah that was the bestest Basil!" Smooch added. "By the way are these seats waterproof and washable?"

Parsley slowly looked down and edged towards me.

I shook my head. "Dude there's no room here!"

Parsley grimaced and slapped Smooch. "Mew need a nappy dude, your bladder has issues!"

"I can't help it..." Smooch answered indignantly. "If I have a highly sensitive and excitable bladder!!"

I pulled a towel from under my seat and handed it to Parsley. "Dude Smooch can't help it, like he says his bladder is a little offur excitable and to be honest I think my seat is a little damp too!"

At that moment my comms unit crackled to life. "Basil this is Control can mew hear me?" Snowie asked.

"Go ahead Control," I answered.

"C.J. is on a direct route to mew in his chopper, can mew find an open space asap as he will be with mew in about five minutes?" Snowie said.

I turned to Parsley and Smooch relaying the message as we bounced and bumped offur the increasingly rugged terrain and I swerved this way and that to miss the trees.

"On it!" they both replied.

"Basil just how does C.J. know exactly where mew are?" Snowie asked.

I paused and then said. "I have a tracking device implanted, he must have reactivated it or the Air Base dudes did," I answered thoughtfully as I gunned the engine and we hurtled down a steep bank and up the other side, the hummer taking off then landing on the ground hard as we careened forward.

"Interesting," Snowie murmured.

"Any sign of air support and what's happening with Humphrey?" I asked swerving sharply and narrowly missing another tree.

"Air support is three and half minutes away and the robot pigeon has flown the coup!" she replied.

"Excellent," I answered. "I'll be in touch as soon as I'm airborne."

"The nearest field is that way!" Parsley and Smooch said and pointed left.

I yanked the steering wheel and we careened towards open ground.

*     *     *

Scooter went to the top of the fir tree, balancing easily on the thin bendy branches and swaying in the light breeze as he scanned the forest. "Nothing up here Snitch, mew must be hearing things, either that or mew're losing your touch!" Scooter yelled.

Humphrey pressed himself against the dark bark and was rendered almost invisible as he heard the squirrel descend the adjacent tree.

Snitch and Ace had there guns up, ready to shoot furst and ask questions neffur when the Bazooka Brothers suddenly reappeared.

"All clear on the left," Bazooka Bros #1 said.

"All clear on the right," Bazooka Bros #2 said.

"Move out!" Snitch growled. "And like I said before mew see any pussy mew fry it!"

The squirrels scampered off and Humphrey closed his eyes and took a long deep breath, exhaling slowly as he counted to ten.  He opened his eyes and almost jumped out of his fur.

Perched on the branch next to him was the robot pigeon.

"What the flipping freakin' freak are mew doing here?" Humphrey gasped. "Mew nearly gave me a heart-attack!"

The robot pigeon blinked, its red glowing eyes momentarily extinguished. Then it said in a grating metallic voice. "Air support coming, do not engage hostiles in fire fight or air strike will ensue!"  It flapped its wings and took off.

Humphrey turned his comms unit on. "Control this is Purredator One, copy?"

"Copy Purredator One, Control online!" Snowie answered with palpable relief.

"Control, message received and understood, I repeat message received and understood," Humphrey said. "Still in purrsuit of Hostiles, will update as necessary, offur and out."

He clicked off his comms unit and slid down the tree landing with a soft thwump on the ground, and headed after the squirrels.

*     *     *

C.J. was circling the chopper just above the field when the hummer launched, airborne out of the forest and landed, bouncing several times in the tall grass before spinning to a halt.

He landed the chopper as we jumped from the stationary but still running hummer and I ran towards our new mode of transport.  The rotors were still spinning as I climbed aboard and C.J. handed me a set of headphones.

A couple of moments later Smooch and Parsley appeared with that many weapons I thought fur a moment that the second apocalypse was upon us, shaking my head I dismissed the thought with a new one and that was; OMC that's how those two heathens roll on a daily basis, I've created two gun toting mercenaries!

C.J. said. "Basil this chopper has a few modifications than enables speeds previously unheard off."

I nodded as he explained the new control system while Smooch fitted a rather intense looking machine gun to the step under the rear door.  He loaded the gun and put on his helmet, Parsley had found a parachute in the chopper and was strapping it on as C.J. said. "Basil I'll drive the hummer and see mew back in Sleepy Hollow soon!"

Nodding again I took hold of the controls and the rotors began to speed up and I yelled. "Ready fur take off?"

Smooch and Parsley gave me the paws up and we sailed into the air.

*     *     *

Amber and Horice were stood in the centre of the garden when they furst heard the approach of the fighter jets.  They scanned the skies but could only hear the roar of the engines when Snowie's voice crackled offur her comms unit. "Incoming at one o'clock!"

"Woo hoo!" yelled Amber as she spun around and stared at the sky. "And about time, speaking of which how long until the P.I.T.H.-heads breach the Sleepy Hollow border?"

Snowie answered. "Less than two minutes."

"How long until Basil arrives?" Amber asked.

"One second and I'll let mew know," Snowie said hitting another comms button. "Basil this is Control, what's your ETA?"

"Control at the speed we're flying less than two minutes!" Basil replied. "This chopper is supurr-sonic!"

Snowie switched channels. "Amber, Basil's ETA is two minutes."

"Oh jeez we're going to have a mass convergence of the P.I.T.H., the air force and Basil, I can't wait to see this!" Amber hollered excitedly.

*     *     *

The F.I.B. chopper was the fastest thing I'd effur flown, it was supurr-sonic and the ground blurred beneath us as we zoomed on a direct trajectory towards Sleepy Hollow.  I radioed Air Base Delta and told them of my new mode of transport and eta, to which they replied. "Great to have you back in the air Top-Cat, us flyboys have missed having you on the team!"

I have to say that made me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy. Then they added. "Hostiles have been sighted on infrared, they are less than a click away and closing fast."  Which then kind of ruined the warm and fuzzies, so I replied. "Copy that, direct patch to pilots comms purrlease."

A few moments passed, as the ground beneath us passed in a hazy green streak and I could see the Sleepy Hollow borders looming up mindbogglingly fast.

"This is Top-Cat flying the black-burd, come in flyboys!" I said.

"Roger that Top-Cat this is Air-Wolf," said a voice. "It's an honour to be helping you out today."

"Roger that, this is Buzzard," one of the other pilots said.

"Crazy Hawk is on comms!" said another voice.

 "This is Tracer and it's great to be flying with you today Top-Cat!"

"Top-Cat this is Blaze," said the last pilot.

"Thanks guys," I said and added. "I'll be doing a little air-drop if mew get my drift, so don't shoot the package, just keep circling and only engage if the hostiles fire furst."

*     *     *

Snitch stopped abruptly and raised his paw. "Did mew hear that?" he asked.

"What?" asked Ace.

"That?" Snitch snarled and pointed skywards. "Fighter jets!"

The five squirrels stood just on the edge of the village and listened.

"That evil pussy called in his flyboys, well we'll show 'em won't we?" Snitch said coldly.

The four squirrels nodded and the Bazooka Brothers started to chitter in a rather disconcerting way.

Humphrey was a few yards behind them doing his stealth-mode thing and whispered into his comms unit. "Control, this is Purredator One, we have a purroblem."

 "Go ahead Purredator One," Snowie said.

"The hostiles have bazookas and are not afraid to use them!" Humphrey said quietly. "Pass the message on.  And I'm coming in via the secret tunnel."

"Copy that Purredator One and whateffur mew do don't use above ground entry as the new perimeter fence is on, I repeat the fence is on."

"Copy that, I'll see you in two!" Humphrey said and disconnected.

*     *     *

Parsley had his goggles and parachute on and was ready to jump as we slowed right down and hovered a thousand feet above the garden.  He gave his weapon straps a second check-offur and then gave me the paws up.

"Three... two... one.... go!" I said.

He jumped and his chute should have opened immediately but it didn't.  I stared in horror as he began to plummet towards the ground.

In the next three seconds my comms were filled with several voices all shouting at once, the flyboys had seen what had happened as they flew by on their last pass and I didn't have time to think.  I ripped off my headset and shouted at Smooch. "Take the controls dude, this burd is all yours!"  I grabbed another chute and was still strapping it on as I leapt from the chopper, but the flipping freaking thing opened as soon as I jumped slowing me down.  I had no choice but to pull the disconnect cord and let the chute sail away behind me.

Angling my body forward in a sleek line I shot like a bullet from a gun towards Parsley who was spinning out of control with the ground looming up faster than I could think.

Parsley was shouting something but the rush of air in my ears made it impossible fur me to hear what he was saying.

"Stay calm dude, I'm on my way!" was all I could yell back as we both plummeted downwards at deadly speed.

** And Cut **

It's that time of the post again, when we bet mew've more questions than mew can shake your tail at!

Such as:

OMC How could mew leave us hanging like that and we've got a whole week to wait?!! Again & again & again!!

Jeez, those Bazooka Brothers look mightily unhinged, where the flip did they come from?

Will they really try to shoot down the fighter jets?

What will happen if they do? OH MY COD!!!!!

Thank goodness Humphrey didn't engage them, what do mew think brought him to his senses?

Does Smooch really know how to fly a helicopter?

What's it like to fly a supurr-sonic chopper?

Will C.J. be  able to find his way back to Sleepy Hollow now he's off road?

Do mew think the flyboys will turn Sleepy Hollow into a war-zone?

Can mew save Parsley?

What will happen if mew don't reach Parsley in time? OH MY COD again!


We're sure mew purrobably have many more but to be honest we can't think of any right now as I've got to save Parsley and the P.I.T.H.-heads are about to start shooting at the fighter jets and OH MY COD it's a DISASTER!

Many thanks fur joining us today and don't furget to come back next Tuesday fur Part VIII of our pant-wetting, uber action packed adventure.

Until then


Bestest purrs

Agent Basil & The Heathen Hoard

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Sunday Selfies #111 Supurr Sunday Snoozes & Blog Hopping with Cat on my Head

Sunday salutations pawesome furriends

Well mew can see not a lot is happening at our house today! MOL

We're all having a mega snooze session as it's a little colder outside at the moment, and we thought that being indoors and snuggled in bed is definitely the place to be...

So our theme today is:

Supurr Sunday Snoozes

Don't furget to join in the pawesome Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with

 Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo at their fabulous blog:

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The Caturday Special ~ Featuring Zen Clippers

Caturday greetings pawesome pals

A few weeks ago the totally fabulous peeps at:

asked if we'd like to try their revolutionary claw clippers, well of course we said yes as mew know that young Parsley has claws to rival those of Wolverine! MOL  And not only that, Parsley hates going to the VET with a passion of PASSIONS.  Last time he went he needed a blood test - nothing serious we must add;  3 veterinary nurses and one hour later they'd only managed to shave a small area on his chest.  As fur the drawing of the blood, it neffur happened as the P.A. called time-out and promptly brought him home.  Anyhoo, the last time he had his claws trimmed, that was equally as traumatic and he hated effury moment of it.

So to be able to get a Zen Clipper to use at home has been fabulous.

Furstly, mew need to make sure mew get the right size, this is furry importante - this can be done by downloading their size sheet or emailing them direct and asking fur a card sizer; and then all mew do is snaffle a passing kitty, and carefully insert a claw through the holes in the card following the instructions to find the exact size.  It's all furry simple!

[not to scale - please download from Zen Clipper website]

Also we must mention that the P.A. had a rather nasty accident involving her right thumb and a really sharp piece of metal a few years ago, this left her with a severed tendon, nerve damage and a 2" scar running offur the knuckle towards the underside of her wrist, so she has little or no feeling along the inside of her thumb and her hand span was considerably reduced.  The injury has made using certain scissors a bit of an issue, howeffur this is NOT an issue with the Zen Clippers as the supurr clever peeps who designed them, made them sprung-loaded - we have to say GENIUS guys, and WELL DONE!   This alone give you top marks! MOL

So now mew've seen the P.A.'s manky [MOL!! aren't we nice kitties?! MOL MOL] hand in action, and if she can use them, mew can too ~ dexterity issues are not an issue with this product.

So now onto the real test, how did they fare in action?

Smoochie was conspicuously absent as we, The Heathen Hoard had a little meeting.

"So we need a willing victim," I began. "Sorry I meant to say willing volunteer to help the P.A. snip-test these new clippers... paws up who wants to be IT?!"

At that moment Smooch ambled into the kitchen and sat under the sideboard.

I grinned at the rest of the hoard and said. "Ah divine intervention at its furry best!"

Smooch gave me a rather puzzled look and I continued. "Smooch, dude can mew help the P.A.?"


"I need mew to sit there, stick your leg out and let the P.A. trim your back-toenails, ok?" I said.

"Oh sure no purroblem at all!" Smoochie replied and promptly stuck his leg out. "Like this?"

I nodded and said. "Purrfect dude!"

He beamed widely.

As mew can see he just lay there and took it like a real man-cat!

Two snips and it was done, no fractured nails, a beautiful clean cut and the clippers were totally silent too.

Fur those of mew that don't know, Smoochie is a tripawed kitty; he was hit by a car when he was a semi-feral kitten at the P.A.'s wurkplace [the P.A. had been slowly taming him and his siblings].  Anyhoo, she & dad took him to vet only to learn his leg was so badly damaged a full amputation had to happen.  So keeping his back toe-nails trimmed is vital fur him!

The P.A. was so impressed with him she just had to give him a kiss!

These are our findings aftur the Zen Clippers were Smooch-tested:

A truly amazing product, easy to use and from a safety point of view fur claw clipping, as long as mew have the correct size and follow all the guidelines mew will neffur trim anything other than the nail, neffur the quick.  Plus mew can do it at home, so no more traumatic trips to vets with squirmy kitties that are already stressed-out by the time mew get there and another bonus is - it saves mew money in the long run = WIN WIN WIN.

I know we made it look supurr easy today and believe me when I say, it was supurr easy with Smooch.  Parsley howeffur may be at the other end of the spectrum and will probably have to be swaddled in a towel, this we have yet to discover when dad gets back from his trip in a few days because it will definitely be a two-peep job.  But we're 100% sure Parsley will be more relaxed at home than at the vets, and we're hoping he surprises us all and has a no-stress claw-clipping-session.

All in all, we give the Zen Clipper TOP MARKS!

10 out of 10

Connect with Zen Clipper on Social Media:




We would like to say a special thanks to the pawesome peeps at Zen Clipper fur giving us the oppurtunity to Smooch-test their most excellent claw clippers ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH!

 Many thanks fur joining us today and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur our usual Sunday Selfies post.

Happy Caturday

Basil & Co xox

*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s*

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The Pet Parade Blog Hop No: 162 ~ Hosted by Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Love is Being Owned By A Husky & Barking from the Bayou


Salutations supurr furriends

As mew can see we've been having a right jolly old time this week, pardon the pun!  We actually managed to sail home from Speedy's pawesome Pirate Pawty without incident this year, well the only thing that did happen of any note was Humphrey's crabs escaped.... again! MOL Whereffur he picks these things up I have no idea! 

Well that's Pirate week done fur another year and we can safely say that we're already looking forward to the next one.... arrrrrrrr....

In other news, Fast Furry and Dangerous returned on Tuesday and so did all our other regular features, mew can purruse the links below the autumnal leaves.  

We've also been getting organised fur the new Crafting with Cats segment and that will be starting late October aftur the Grand Finale of our latest adventure. So get your crafting paws happening as its going to be great fun.

Also, we're furry sorry fur not commenting on all your blogs the last couple of weeks, we seem to be chasing our tails trying to catch up... but we WILL be visiting mew and catching up in the next couple of days if we haven't already by the time mew read this! MOL  [Sadly the P.A.'s day job -BLAH- is getting in the way of our blogging time]

If mew missed anything this week, here's the latest links fur your purrusal!

We'll be back tomorrow with The Caturday Special featuring Zen Clippers, believe me when I say; mew won't want to miss this post and then again with our usual Selfie Selection on Sunday, so hope mew can join us then.

Wishing mew all an epic weekend

Bestest purrs & hugs

Basil & Co xox

To see this weeks


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Crosswurds with Basil #4 and the Thankful on Thursday Blog Hop with Pepsi

Welcome to

Supurr Crosswurdy Greetings Furriends

Welcome back to our most puzzling posts! 

Aftur a furry serious meeting with a lot of cross-wurds we've decided to make things a bit easier by including the links to the post where mew can find the answers... isn't that thoughtful of us, so now all mew have to do is click the links to go straight to the answers... almost... aftur a little bit of page scanning... but nothing too taxing or time consuming as we know how busy mew all are and we know how precious time is and there are many other things mew could be doing such as frolicking in a pile of catnip, snoozing, eating and getting cuddles with said precious time! MOL

Anyhoo, it would be lovely to know how long it takes to complete, we're guesstimating about 10 - 15 minutes tops, purrhaps much less if mew are a mouse-clicking wizard - if any of mew would be kind enough to let us know that would be truly stellar!

To see our previous crosswurds & answers click here:

So let's dive in and get started on crosswurd #4 ~ Mew can print off the crosswurd by right clicking it or use a snipping tool

Time to get scribbling on...

There's another really fab and rather nifty badge fur completing this crosswurd too, which we'll post with the answers next week.


Bestest Crosswurdy Purrs

Basil xox

Don't furget to join in the

Thankful On Thursdays Blog Hop 

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