Monday, 20 November 2017

Colouring with Cats #42 ~ Getting Your OM on with Mandalas on Mondays

Supurr Monday greetings beautiful furriends

How are mew on this fine and frosty morning?  The temperatures dropped down to zero here on Friday evening and have stayed purretty cool fur the entire weekend so we've been doing a spot of reclining in front of the fire, as to be honest it was a bit fresh outside fur our paws! MOL

Actually all things considered the average daily temperatures have been quite high fur the time of year, we measure this by how many jumpers, body warmers and coats the P.A. wears, and up until Friday it was just a jumper and body warmer - like seriously that is unheard of fur mid to late November, she's usually bundled up with jacket, scarf and gloves too and they say there's no such thing as climate change - PHOOEY!!!

So hows climate change affecting your weather patterns?

Anyhoo, we do hope mew've all have a totally pawesome weekend and that mew're ready fur the week ahead, so let's jump right in and start as always with our little breathing exercise, which we're sure mew all have down paw by now...  but if mew've furgotten, stop what mew're doing fur a moment and take deep fulfilling breaths; counting to five on the inhale and five on the exhale:

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Breathe in
Breathe out

Don't mew feel better already?  I know we do!

As I said we were enjoying the warmth of the wood-burner, so this was our OM-ing sesh this week... we call it 'Triangulation OM-ing' and let me tell mew, our Zen Harmonies were so ZEN aftur this it was quite unbelievable, so if mew can get three of mew together we highly recommend this purractice fur maximum zen-ness!

*    *    *

If mew have missed any of the previous mandala's and feel the need to binge colour, here's the links:

All the mandala's featured are created & designed by us, unless otherwise stated.

So without further adieu here's this weeks mandala.
Just right click the image to save and print it...

And here's our finished version...

Coloured with metallic and glitter gel pens.

*    *    *

If mew'd like to share your peeps pawesome artwurk feel free to upload it to our Facebook page at:

Bionic Basil & The 'B' Team @Facebook

as we'd really, really love to see your finished mandalas.

Don't furget mew can download our free Colouring with Cats ~ Books One & Two here, if mew haven't already done so:

So on that note we'll say bye fur now and hope to see mew tomorrow fur part XI of The Last Big Jolly.

Until then

Keep Calm and Colour OM!

Bestest chilled and most soothing purrs

Basil & Co xox

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Tummy Tickling On My Mark...3....2....1....GO! on The Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with Cat on my Head

Supurr Sunday salutations pawesome pals

Welcome to another selfie selection and today...

...our theme is:

Tummy Tickling On My Mark...3....2....1....GO! 

So who's tummy are mew going to tickle furst? MOL

Let me help mew decide...

Pandora has the silkiest fur

Fudge has the softest fur, it's like kitten fur

Parsley has the smoothest and sleekest fur

Smoochie always has a tummy hawk but still his fur is furry soft albeit hawking effurywhere, which happens when he gets excited 

Amber's fur is thick and luscious 

and mine is so soft and fluffy...

So who's it going to be? 

And is there any tummy tickling happening at your house today?

Bestest Sunday Purrs

Basil & Co xox

Don't furget to join in the pawesome Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with

 Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo ~ visit them at their fabulous blog:

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Saturday Special featuring TabCat Cat Tracker

Welcome to another edition of

Caturday greetings wunderpurr furriends

Today we have one of our *sponsored posts* to share with mew.  The fabulous peeps from the company:

asked us if we'd like to field test one of their new tracking devices, and as most of mew know we love new tech here and so of course we said yes.

We were sent the unit way back in April, and so mew maybe wundering why we're only just reviewing in it November, our answer is simple, we wanted to really give this unit a really decent trial period.  So we nominated Parsley who is our Resident Techie and also our Expert-Over-The-Fence and Missing-Down-The-Field-Fur-Hours to be the guineapig.

So what was in the box, we hear mew ask?

Upon opening the box we were greeted with the destruction manual.

Underneath was the tracking unit, plus 2 x trackers with covers.

And finally, removing the tab in the battery compartment, and placing the collar unit in its cover.

*    *    *

This is quite an ingenious piece of kit, mew'll hear in the video coming up in just a moment, that when the P.A. zero's in on Parlsey the hand unit beeps like crazy, and the collar unit beeps too, so don't furget to turn up the volume.

As mew can see the unit isn't furry big at all and we think that Parsley looks rather fetching in that nice aqua shade.

So collar on, the P.A. gave him a 30 minute head-start to go and hide - which is fair game fur hide and seek! MOL  

And then went into the garden to search.  She pushed button 4 on the hand unit and off she went.

What we like about TabCat:

The unit is furry light
Fits easily onto any collar
A range of 122M or 400ft
It comes with a protective cover which is splash-proof
4 collar units can be assigned to one hand unit
Each of the collar units makes a slightly different beep so if mew have more than one kitty they'll each have their own unique sound. 

Mew can also train your kitty to come home, by pressing the button on the hand unit which is assigned to the collar unit.  The collar unit will beep if in range and this is how the P.A. found Parsley so quickly, he was 'prompted' to return by the collar unit.

The whole system is rather intuitive, in other wurds, it's easy: 

To set up
To learn
To oppurrate

The battery life is good too, and both units use the furry easily obtainable:

 CR2032 batteries ~ one in each unit

It's a one off purrchase price, so no monthly subscription service to drain your coffers.

In fact we can't think of  anything that we don't like about the system.

*    *    *

Our closing thoughts:

We think fur a one off price fur the system we tried at £69.99 is amazing fur the device mew get.

The four unit system costs £99.99 which is fantastic value and what's even better is mew can buy additional single tags fur £19.99 each should mew need to.

So, if mew want a cost effective way to keep tabs on your kitty, then we don't think mew'll get better than this. It's Brilliant! 

*    *    *

We would like to say a special thanks to the fabulous peeps at TabCat fur giving us the oppurtunity to try our their cat tracking device ~ THANK MEW FURRY MUCH it was pawesome fun!

And if mew would like to find out more, here's their links:




 Many thanks fur joining us today and don't furget to stop by tomorrow fur our usual Sunday Selfies post.

Happy Caturday

Basil & Co xox

[*FYI: Even though we were given this item/s free of charge for a review, our review is completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s]

Friday, 17 November 2017

Missing Posts, The P.A. Rebels & Can I get some new staff ASAP PURRLEASE? on The Pet Parade Blog Hop #222 with Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Barking from the Bayou

Friday greetings wunderpurr pals

Welcome to our weekly round-up on The Pet Parade. 

Furstly we'd like to say to all our fabulous furriends celebrating next week... 

 ...we do hope it's EPICALLY EPIC!

Mew may be wundering why there was no Brain Training yesterday or a Wordy on Wednesday post with Amber, well the truth is, the P.A. just doesn't have the time to do daily posts, so she says.  We think this is absolute garbage, complete rot and utter tripe!

Of course there's time to do huge, monstrously involved posts with oodles of pictures effury day of the week and reply to all our comments and visit all our furriends too, right?  Yep that's what we thought.

And go to work as well daily and go to the gym fur an hour+ a day too, plus all the chores. To be honest we don't know what she's going on about, I mean seriously anypurrdy would think it was time consuming or something. 

The P.A. said and I quote, "Basil you heathen fur-child, your blog has taken over my life!"

Yep, how ungrateful is that?  So ungrateful, she should be delighted to and honoured to do my blog and effurything else too.

And then she said this, to which I'm still completely dumbstruck by, yep dumbstruck!  "Until The Last Big Jolly concludes, there'll be no Brain Training or Wordy on Wednesday posts!"

Like What The Freak is going on???  Can I get some new staff ASAP PURRLEASE?

Seriously though, we adopt these peeps, give them a job fur life and this is how they repay us, it's seriously not cricket!

So yes, we're looking to adopt a new hooman, one that has MORE TIME to fulfill the contract and wurk 24/7 daily.  There's no pay at all, just the immense satisfaction of knowing mew're doing a great service fur cat-kind!

If mew think mew've got the mettle fur this role, and want to wurk with 6 uber dynamic and constantly evolving kitties who have a penchant fur guns, tanks, military equipment and saving the wurld on average once a month, plus be involved in all facets of our regular daily program and other extra-curricular activities too....

Purrlease send CV's to:

deardrbasil @ gmail . com

What a truly pawesome oppurrtunity fur someone...

And we'll be putting the P.A. out to pasture - Graze-On Slacker!!! MOL

So purrlease accept our sincerest apologies fur possibly ruining your week by failure of non-posting!

If mew missed anything offur the last week, here's the latest posts fur your purrusal:

Sunday Selfies ~ Freestylin' It

Colouring with Cats #41
and if mew're still bored get our free colouring books below:

We'll be back on the morrow with a Saturday Special post and then again with our usual selfie selection on Sunday so hope mew can join us then, in the meantime we wish mew all an epic start to the weekend

Bestest purrs and big hugs

Basil & Co xox

Pet Parade blog hop for pet bloggers

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

THE LAST BIG JOLLY ~ Part XII Of Our Latest Epically Epic Adventure!

Welcome to



In our latest mind-blowing, fur-raising, most epically epic adventure to date when we attempt to travel around the wurld in 42 and a bit days!

What could possibly go wrong?

Pawesome greetings supurr pals

Welcome to Part XII of our latest saga and we know this is the post mew've all been waiting fur since last Tuesday, so let's get started and see what today's episode brings! 

To catch up on the action, here's the links fur the previous episodes:


A quick recap from the last episode:

"Wow!" I breathed as I almost fell into my pleather chair. "That was pawesome!"

Smooch was grinning like a loon, "Oh Basil that so so funny when mew parachuted off those towers and that helicopter came and the police started shooting at mew!"

We paw bumped and laughed hysterically, well actually I think it was the adrenaline still pumping around my body.

Humphrey said, "Basil dude, your chute looked like Swiss cheese, thank cod mew landed safely!"  MOL

Parsley handed round some cans of Red Nip, the energy drink fur hardcore cats like ourselves, we drank heartily before crushing the cans and tossing them into the trash like we were playing basketball, and Pandora got us the freak out of there before the police impounded the TTTB.

"Amber, how are we doing on the bucket list?" I asked.

"We managed eight destinations, so we did purretty good!" she answered.

"Somepurrdy pass the list purrlease," I said.

Snowie handed me the rather crumpled Bucket List and I crossed off the eight destinations. 

"Only twenty more to go guys, and does anypurrdy want to make any changes?" I asked.

"Oh I do, I do!" Snowie said waving her paw. "I'd like to change a couple in South America!"

"I agree," Humphrey said. "I found some other places we can visit."

"Really?" I asked.

"Defo fur sure," Humphrey grinned. "But now I need to talk to Bob about trying to get the TTTB off Catopia, so unless mew lot want to be stranded, bugger off and let me and Bob geek-speak!"


Part XII

Ticking Off The Bucket List At Warp-Speed

**And Action!**

We were sat on the bridge aftur we'd eaten a rather tasty buffet lunch served in the Nip Bar deliberating the Catopian Dilemma, when Pandora said in her odd little foreign accent.

"Vhile mew are all mulling offur the issues vith escaping Catopia's weird gravitational field and all the other planetary anomalies I'm getting us back on The Bucket List, so if anypurrdy vants to make any changes, now is the time speak or fureffur hold your peace!"

Snowie raised a paw as did Humphrey. "We've decided that we want to swap Porto Alegre fur Rio," Snowie said.

"Yep that, and Punto Arenas is defo off the list and we're just going to Caracus instead!" Humphrey said.

"And we want to go to Iguassu Falls instead of Buenos Aires," Snowie said. 

"Oh and we want to go to Machu Pichu instead of Lima," Humphrey said. "And there's some lost city in Colombia somewhere we'd like to see instead of Bogota."  

"Are those the only changes to the itinerary?" Pandora asked. "But that means mew only have forty-seven destinations?"

Snowie and Humphrey went into a huddle fur a few moments, then turned and said. "Catopia makes forty-eight!" 

"Very vell," Pandora said efficiently and began to input the destinations. 

"Is effurypurrdy ready fur The Bucket List at warp-Speed?" I asked.


"Pandora, hit that button!" I grinned, and before I could blink we were off.

A few moments later...

"Parsley get the camera drone and effurypurdy line up at the door. Comms on what channel Snowie?" I shouted.

"Comms on channel three," Snowie said and we all piled out of the door.

"Come on effurypurrdy, get in position," Parsley yelled as the camera drone shot into the sky and the Bucket List continued in earnest.

*    *    *

Melbourne:  12 Apostles  Date: 1823  Dimension: 22 ~  OZ Sector
Danger: 9%  Risk of Injury: 15%   Risk of Mortality: 27%  Outside Temp: +32  
Air Quality: Breezy Sea Breeze


*    *    *

Wellington:  Lighthouse  Date: 1990  Dimension: 15 ~  Middle Earth Sector
Danger: 0%  Risk of Injury: 0%   Risk of Mortality: 0%  Outside Temp: +21  
Air Quality: Breezy   


*    *    *

Easter Island:  Rapa Nui  Date: 1981  Dimension: 9 ~  God Sector
Danger: 3%  Risk of Injury: 7%   Risk of Mortality: 11%  Outside Temp: +24  
Air Quality: Windy and fresh


*    *    *

Colombia:  The Lost City somewhere in the jungle  Date: 1765  Dimension: 1 ~  Gold Sector
Danger: 3%  Risk of Injury: 49%   Risk of Mortality: 77%  Outside Temp: +37  
Air Quality: Humid


*    *    *

Peru:  Machu Pichu Date: 1986  Dimension: 46 ~  Sky Sector
Danger: 79%  Risk of Injury: 92%   Risk of Mortality: 99%  Outside Temp: +12  
Air Quality: Fresh


*    *    *

Santiago:  Hildego Castle   Date: 1965  Dimension: 72 ~  Platinum Sector
Danger: 0%  Risk of Injury: 1%   Risk of Mortality: 0%  Outside Temp: +26  
Air Quality: Beautiful and warm


*    *    *

Cape Horn:  Whale Watching in a boat  Date: 2012  Dimension: 14 ~  Blue Sector
Danger: 10%  Risk of Injury: 19%   Risk of Mortality: 30%  Outside Temp: +20 
Air Quality: Breezy and Rather Fresh


*    *    *

Rio:  Viewing the statue from a helicopter  Date: 2009  Dimension: 98 ~  Fun Sector
Danger: 66%  Risk of Injury: 89%   Risk of Mortality: 57%  Outside Temp: +35  
Air Quality:  Mildly Humid


*    *    *

Caracus:  National Pantheon  Date: 2014  Dimension: 51 ~  Platinum Sector
Danger: 16%  Risk of Injury: 39%   Risk of Mortality: 42%  Outside Temp: +33  
Air Quality: Cloudy and  Humid


*    *    *

Argentina:  Iguassu Falls  Date: 1997  Dimension: 51 ~   Pluvian Sector
Danger: 9%  Risk of Injury: 30%   Risk of Mortality: 85%  Outside Temp: +29  
Air Quality: Refreshing


*    *    *

"WOOOOO HOOOOO!" Smooch yelled as we entered the TTTB. "That was epic dudes!!"

He paw-bumped Parsley and Fudge, then me.

"Did mew see those pygmy cannibals in the jungle?" Fudge said.

"Yeah and what about those piranhas near that waterfall, mew wouldn't want to go swimming there!" Parsley laughed.

"And could mew believe those huge statues, they were amazing!" Amber said.

"I really liked the castle!" said Bob.

 "My favourite was Machu Pichu!" Snowie said.

"Did mew see how HUGE those whales were?" Humphrey sighed.

"And what about the Lost City?" Posie grinned.

"My favourite was the lonesome lighthouse!" mused Pandora.

"Yep, it was all totally spectacular!" I agreed pulling out the now rather crumpled bucket list and began to cross off all the latest destinations. 

"There's only nine places left!" I said suddenly realizing how many I'd just ticked off.  

I glanced up and looked fur Snowie and Humphrey, who I spied relaxing in the Nip Bar with a few Nip Cocktails laughing and joking as Bob pulled a myriad of funny faces. 

And that's when it hit me... not long now til they get their wings!


It's that time of the post, when we bet mew've more questions/comments than mew can shake your tail at!

Aftur that final line guys, erm I can't actually think of any, sorry - so this week it's up to mew! 

If mew have any questions, or would like to offur input, leave us a comment, as mew know we luffs them so much! MOL

Join us fur Part Thirteen of our Autumn Blockbuster next Tuesday, when we continue on our epically epic adventure.... who knows what will happen.... as we're trying and get those destinations ticked off ASAP and it won't be long until our story concludes

Until then

Bestest purrs

Basil & The 'B' Team

*    *   *

TTTB Interior images By MaxFX used under license from Shutterstock 
Bunker Background Images used under license from
Monster Images by Albert Ziganshin used under license from
All Destination Backgrounds used under paid Pizap Licence 
Hidalgo Castle image By lanaid12 used under licence from Shutterstock

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