Monday, 30 July 2012

Cathrine Garnell's Blog: Tamara's Time Machine ~ Launch

Another shameless promotional assault on my page by my human.... MOL!!!!

Cathrine Garnell's Blog: Tamara's Time Machine ~ Launch: 

 At last my latest novel Tamara's Time Machine has been Kindle-ized!

Check it out, it's really a great Book ~ I should know, I was there when it was written!

Bestest Purrs


Friday, 27 July 2012

Basil's OnLine Spy Academy Fur Cats ~ Get Sneaky!


Greetings and Welcome Dearest Meowy Furriends

Today I thought I'd share my On-Line
Spy Academy Fur Cats!

As you may know already I have my own purrsonal website @

Where you can find out all about me and my uber cute co-star Posie, but also I have a Spy Academy just fur cats! (Well a lot of humans have joined to because obviously they don't want to miss out on all the fun!)

Every couple of months I divulge Secret's in the Art of Spying for crafty kitties and also post a new Mission and then there's a chance to get a Diploma for completing the mission.  You also use this Fan'cat'stic Memfurship Card which you can copy and print from here if you want to.

Just right click the image, save it to your computer and print it off.  Purrlease be careful with the scissors!

You can sign up at my On-line Spy Academy fur Cats @

Basil's Spy Academy fur Cats!

See you in the trenches!

Bestest meows and purrs


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Katz And Other Tales: Target Speaks: I'm Working Out

Woo Hoo ~ I'm Featured @

Katz And Other Tales: Target Speaks: I'm Working Out: Kitties, after last week's humiliating interview at Mousebreath I am working out!  I am flexing my brain muscles by reading. Our friend C...

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cathrine Garnell's Blog: FREE ~ FREE ~ FREE! Vile Violeticia!

My human insisted on this shameless promotion of a 'Non Basil Book' on my page ~ The absolute nerve of it! 

Cathrine Garnell's Blog: FREE ~ FREE ~ FREE! Vile Violeticia!: Fabulous news, my book for younger readers  Vile Violeticia   will be FREE all week from ~ 23rd to 27th July! Product Description ‘...

Friday, 20 July 2012

Basil's Garden Safari! (Kitty Patrol!)


Greetings, meows and purrs to all in the Blog'o'Sphere!

Today I thought I'd share my Garden Safari with you, or as I like to call it 'Kitty Patrol!'

Basil surveying his Kitty Kingdom!
Our garden is teaming with wildlife, as well as the endless rain right now, but on a beautiful sunny day there's nowhere else I like to be.  We have a whole host a creatures and birds.  There are: Squirls, Hedgepigs, Mices galore, Flutterbys, Mini Winged Dragons, Ladybugs, Bees and so many diffurrent types of birds or 'Flying Snack Packs' as I like call them, just to name a few. Even other Kitties come and visit but I don't like that too much, so there's lots going on all the time. It's a big job!

So without boring mew to tears all with endless gushing prose of how fan'cat'stic it is, this is a 'Show don't Tell Post!'





 After all that exertion, because now mew can see that my job is very taxing, highly stressful and hugely demanding ~ I deserve a well earned snooze

Snoozing under the Gazebo ~ Just Purrfect!

Thank mew furry much for joining me today on my 'rounds' and I hope that mew have enjoyed the sights and the cats-eye-view of my little world!

Bestest purrs


Monday, 16 July 2012

Basil's Bookmark ~ Get Crafty with Basil!

Get Crafty with Basil

Here's a choice of three different Basil Bookmarks for you to cut out and keep.

Just right click the image of your choice or all of them if you like, and save the image/s to your computer in a place where you can find them, print it out on card or photo paper and cut it out... purrlease be careful with the scissors!

Enjoy your bookmark!

Thanks for stopping by and keep on reading!

Bestest meows and purrs


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Goods Mews ~ The WLF Rules!

I have Good Mews my fellow kitties and furriends!

I have been accepted to be part of The WLF or The Whiskas Liberation Front in The TwitterVerse and for those of you who don't know what that is, here's the griff:

Click the link below

So I have joined my fellow WLF Comrades to fight the good fight and I have been given my Standard Issue Beret, so I am now an Official WLF Memfur or an OWLF and I have to say it does look fan'cat'stically good on me, see fur yourselves... do I look dashingly pawesome or what? Mew know it's true!

Basil  #WLF Memfurship Photo

So if any of you kitties in Cyberspace on the Interwebs would like to join, mew know where to go!

Thanks to all my Comrades @ #wlf for such a furriendly welcome, mew guys Rock!

Bestest Salutes and Purrs


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The TwitterVerse ~ I'm in it!

At last I now have my very own purrsonal Twitter Account ~ I'm officially a Memfur of the TwitterVerse!

My poor human is run ragged with all my demands of late, but I say

'I'm worth it!'

Suck it up and getting typing Ms. Garnell!

But really I'm not that mean, in fact I'm totally adorable, as you can see from my pawesome profile picture, but I just like to 'catwork' and for you peeps that don't know what that means, it's networking for us kitties.

So you can connect with me in The Twitterverse by clicking here

My ambition is to connect with all the Fan'cat'stic Kitties in The TwitterVerse and we'll take over the world because CATS RULE!

Meow you later


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Cartoon Me

As I was surfing the Interwebs the other day, by the greatest luck I stumbled across this totally pawesome blog, you can check it out by clicking the link below

There are three very uber cool kitties running the show, Au, Target and Guido plus their human and as it happens they have their own fan'cat'stic books too! Kudo's to Katz Tales!

But I digress, while I was perusing their site I came across a link to cartoon oneself, so I batted my human repeatedly on the face ~ no claws ~ well it was 3 am, and demanded right there and then that she get up and cartoon me for my new blog. I won't repeat what she said as I wouldn't want to offend anyones delicate furry ears (oh what the heck, it went like this: *#@*$ ^&*$£#@ *$%#*@ sleeping! If you can translate that ~ well done you!) 

So anyway I had to wait until the morning, which came around incredibly quickly after I settled down on my humans pillow and went to sleep ~ she was not amused by this either and for the life of me I can't think why, afterall I was keeping her head warm.

After she'd had her morning coffee, we got down to the business of cartooning me and this is the result.

And if I do say so myself, what a handsome kitty!

If you would like to cartoon yourself or a cute kitty furrpal, here's the link

Happy cartooning, I'm off to get my human to do Amber and Snowie next.

Bestest meows and purrs


Monday, 2 July 2012

Great News ~ My Novel Free on Kindle!

Great News to all my followers ~ Peeps and Kitties alike!

To celebrate me finally getting my very own blog, I used my gentle purrsausion on my human to give my book away for FREE ~ Yes, you heard me right ~ for FREE for all of this week on Amazon from the 2nd - 6th July.

So don't miss out of this Fan'cat'stic offer

Click the links below to get yours NOW!



Don't forget to stop by my face book page and 'Like Me!' and leave a comment if you want to.

Click below

Enjoy all the fun that is Basil the Bionic Cat

Happy reading

Bestest Meows and Purrs



Don't foget to share the fun ~ tell everyone you know!

And if you don't have a Kindle, you can download the App for PC, Mac and everything else at the Amazon Kindle Store

Click Here:

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