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Tuesday Tails ~ The Curse of The Klepto Bunny ~ Part II

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Tuesday Greetings Furriends

We hope mew've had a good weekend, ours was ok all things considered.

Today we're back with our adventure of Klepto Bunny's and missing nearly almost real diamond collars.

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Dirty Tactics and The Trojan Horse


Sitting in the bunker, I blinked for a second, opened my eyes and effuryone had changed places.

"Are mews guys playing silly buggers with me?" I asked irately.

When no-one answered and all I got were a round of smirks, I harrumphed rather noisily.

"OK," I began. "It would appear that we do have an errant klepto bunny on the prowl and now it would also appear that Parsley has gone rogue, does anypurrdy have anything to say?"

Snowie cleared her throat, "Basil, I don't think Parsley's gone rogue."

I raised an eyebrow quizzically, "What makes mew say that Snowie?"

"Fur starters on my way here, I saw him heading towards the munitions room, purrhapps we should take a peek..."

I pondered this fur the briefest of moments, "Hmmmmm mew could be right, 
let's check the surveillance feed."

Snowie hopped down and padded to the surveillance console.

She jumped up onto the chair, pressed a few buttons on the console and waited fur the picture to change, several empty corridors appeared on screen, the pictures changing as the surveillance system scrolled through the entire complex.

"Found him!" Snowie said after a few seconds. "Corridor 6 and he's just sitting there like a total lemon!"

I bounded out of the control room and along the empty corridors, my claws making odd clicking sounds echoing off the metal walls and ceiling as I ran.  It's at times like this I wunder why I effur made such a vast underground complex and made a note to install a teleporting system, rounding the corner from corridor 5 I found him, sitting there just as Snowie described, like a lemon.

"Parsley dude, where have mew been?" I asked approaching a little more slowly as my inner radar pinged loudly with a warning not to be ignored.

He sat there in a dreamlike daze and then right in front of me he began to glow red!

"Parsley.... dude...." I said keeping my distance, not quite certain what to do. "What's happened to mew?"

Parsley shook his head as if trying to shake off a supurr clingy brain-fog, one that just wouldn't let go.  He did it again and again.  Slowly I began to edge closer as my concerns grew.

"Don't come any closer!" Parsley suddenly snapped at me.  "Not safe!"

"Snowie, can mew hear me in the control room?" I almost shouted as I flicked the communications switch on the wall next to me.

There was a slight crackle and Snowie's voice sounded across the intercom. "I'm here Basil, what seems to be your boggle?"

I rolled my eyes. 'Boggle, what the flip is a boggle... OMC!' I thought.

Taking a deep breath, I said as calmly as possible, "Can mew see Parsley on screen?"

"That's an affirmative!" she clipped efficiently in her old school way.

"And is there anything unusual about him?" I pressed, exasperation creeping into my voice.

After a moments pause. I heard several voices speak at once.

"Jumping jeepers!" Posie cried.

 "OH MY CAT!" yelped Amber.

"Dude Parsley looks almost nuclear!" Humphrey drawled.

"Looks like he's gonna blow!" Smoochie squeaked in terror.

"Basil, Parsley is emitting a strange energy signature, like nothing I've ever encountered before," Snowie said above all the chattering.

Then I heard her squawk most ineloquently, "Will mew lot shut up!"

The control room went silent in an instant, mew could have heard a pin drop.

She continued, "Basil I'm running a diagnostics scan, tell Parsley not to move."

"He can hear mew!" I sighed in exasperation, shaking my head slightly.

Parsley sat trembling, as the red glow began to pulse.

"Parsley," I said calmly. "Look at me, it's all going to be OK, I just need mew to tell me what happened, OK?"

His eyes were the size of saucers, abject terror filling them.  He blinked slowly before he spoke, "I was on my way here and just about to enter the bunker, when a hood was suddenly dragged over my head, I struggled but then I felt a sharp pain in my paw." He glanced down as his front left paw and I noticed the colour concentration was more apparent there.

"Go on," I urged gently.

"Well to be purrfectly honest I don't remember much after that, I woke up next to the munitions door and then I started to make my way to the control room," he paused fur a moment. "But my head was so fuzzy and the pain right now feels like a thousand claws are piercing my brain..." his voice trailed off weakly.

Snowies voice sounded over the intercom. "Basil,  the scan shows that Parsley's been infected with a..."

Her diagnosis was cut short when Parsley let out an ear piercing scream.

"Containment bay NOW, effuryone to your stations!" I ordered fiercely without hesitation.

I launched at Parsley and grabbed him, throwing him over my back.

"Hold on tight!" I said as I jumped forward, his weight making my haunches sink lower as I flew into the air.

I hurtled to the containment bay with him piggy-backed on me, clinging on like a limpet on a rock, and when I was level with the door I slammed the button down hard, shooting through the doorway just as the reinforced steel door banged down behind us with a loud metallic clatter.

The emergency siren echoed eerily around the underground complex and then abruptly stopped, as Snowie hit the over-ride button.

"Parsley, just don't panic," I said more calmly than I actually felt, my stomach was churning like a mass migration of butterflies trying to escape. "We'll figure this out, I promise."

Parsley gave me a withering look as he continued to glow most disconcertingly.

A sudden sharp tapping sound made me turn around.

Smoochie popped up at the window.

"Basil!" he shouted through the thick glass. "Basil! Can mew hear me?"  

I nodded wundering how on earth he'd managed to get up to the window.

"Basil..." he began, then glanced down fur a second. "Humphrey fur all that is merciful stop wobbling about, remember I've only got three legs and balancing on your back isn't easy!"

I rolled my eyes again, pondering how on earth we'd gone from a routine committee meeting about a Klepto Bunny stealing our nearly almost real diamond collars to a DEFCON THREE situation in less time than it takes to make a round of niptini cocktails with the little umbrella's in and a cherry on the side too.

I heard Smoochie hissing in agitation at Humphrey again. "Look, keep flipping still and I won't have to grip so tight with my claws, and no, we're not swapping places mew huge behemoth!"

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, Snowie's voice rang over the comm-system.

"Basil," she said in a tone that made my fur stand on end, quiver intensely and then try to retreat into my skin.  I tensed and braced fur what was coming next.

She paused and then said, "Basil, it's real bad!"

I glanced towards Parsley who was trembling like a leaf in hurricane.

"Parsley's been contaminated..." her voice abruptly cut out and another one, completely unfamiliar spoke. "Hello little cats, my name is Baron Von Booney and I have just taken command of your control complex, if you want your white furriend to remain in the condition she's in right now, you will do exactly as I say."

** AND CUT! **

*     *     *

OMC, what's wrong with Parsley? 

Who the flip is Baron Von Booney? 

And more to the point what does he want?

 Would he really do bad things to Snowie?

How big is your secret underground bunker?

Do mew really have a containment bay? Why?

We know mew were an FIB [Field Intelligence Bureau] Operative, but seriously dude, what did mew do?

What else is stashed/hiding in the bunker?

I'm sure mew have many more questions, and we will do our furry best to answer these and many more in future posts, so don't furget to stop by fur next weeks thrilling installment of:

The Curse of The Klepto Bunny

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*     *     *

We'll be back soon, until then

the furry bestest Tuesday Purrs

Basil & Co xox


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  1. OH. MY. BAST. we is enthralled. when will the next installment be? We have to make popcorms.

    1. Next Tuesday my furriends, Part III will be upon us... get the popcorn, ice lollies and chocolate covered peanuts ready!!! MOL XOX

  2. Wow! This is quite the story. I'm on the edge of my seat. I hope that Parsley will be okay! Being nuclear sounds scary. That Klepto Bunny sounds like he needs to be taught a lesson. Get him Basil!
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

    1. Oh mew have no idea how bad that bunny really is!!! EEEEEEEK!

      Stay tuned fur next weeks thrilling installment XOX

  3. What do you mean, next week's instalment. How am I going to wait until the. The suspense could make me glow red like Parsley.

    1. Sorry Flynn, sadly we can only go so fast with the story :(

      Don't glow like Parsley, purrlease!!! MOL


  4. dood !!!!!! a paws a paws a paws...... we iz lovin thiz storee N canna wait til chapturr three point one getz heer

    parsley....dood...we hope ta cod ya haz knot been infectioused by..........deer cod...dare we uze de B werd

    see ya next twooz day, ore wednesday....what with de time diffruntz


    1. We are furry happy mew are enjoying our new adventure.... don't use the B werd my furriends whateffur mew do!!! MOL


  5. Uh oh. This sounds BAD. We are really worried about Parsley, and you, too, Basil. And ALL of you! Darn that Baron Von Booney!

    1. That Baron Von Booney [BVB] is one seriously bad bad bunny!!!!

      Stay tuned fur next weeks episode to see what happens to Parsley XOX

  6. I can't wait!
    Happy Earth Day...

    Noodle and crew

    1. Hiya Noodle, we can't either!!! MOL

      The suspense is too much MOL MOL


  7. Hehehe oh dear that Baron*shakes head*,xx SPeedy


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