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Tuesday Tails ~ Pirate Q&A ~The Secrets of The Voyages of Captain Basil Revealed ~ Part IV

Welcome to 


 Pirate Q&A 

The Secrets of The Voyages of Captain Basil Revealed

So me seafaring pirating fiends, are ye ready to discover all the secrets, and get thee answers to thee questions that have been keeping ye awake night aftur night??


If ye missed the previous Q&A just be clicking the links below:

Now that we be 'aving that out of thee way, let's be getting on with divulging the answers from  Part IV 

Here's the questions:

Did Smoochie need counselling after nearly being chump fur sharks?

No, in fact he said that it was the most exciting, pant-wetting exciting thing effur [thank goodness he was in the ocean and no-one noticed!] howeffur he says next time he swims with sharks he wants to be inside a cage. Mew know sometimes I really wunder about him and his marbles, well where he left some of them.... heathen child! MOL

Did mew get to try any of the sharks fin soup?

No we didn't, as we thought it would be more prudent to stay away from the Tor-Tye just in case they fancied something a bit sweeter fur dessert!

What's the boggle with Horice and that weird jewel on his forehead?

The jewel is a tricky one to answer, as sometimes it's visible and others it's not.  At furst I thought it was linked to the temple somehow, but since he's been back in Sleepy Hollow in the bunker, we've seen it appear more than a few times.  It's one of those things that's going to take some time to explore and get to the bottom of, howeffur mew can bet your next pack of Dreamies that our furry able science team are all offur it.

Just how was Horice able to call his dolphin pals?

Horice is rather unusual, as mew have probably guessed, and years spent on that 
weirdo island did something to his brain, making him able to communicate telepathically, obviously the science team are also furry interested in that too - and before mew think that Horice is just a lab-rat, don't -  as he's not.  

We just need to make sure he won't suffer any ill-effects after leaving the island, as he was there like fureffur and has neffur lived in a normal place before [not that we can really say that Sleepy Hollow is normal - it just doesn't have all that electro-magnetic vibe happening]. 
So fur his health, we need to make sure he can live without it, otherwise I'm going to have to mackle up some purrsonal electro magnetic field generator just fur him.  But at the moment he seems just peachy as he pootles about on level 8.

Parsley was most courageous in his attempts to beat the sharks away and save Smooch, just where does he get his fearless from?

Parsley is quite a bold young chap, and when I asked him about fighting the sharks, he said most stalwartly,  "Basil, I was only doing what mew would have done!"

What can mew say to that? [I felt so proud, it actually choked me up fur a moment!]

*     *     *

And some from our pawesome buddies - we know we answered these at the time, but we didn't have all the facts, now we have more....

The Tabbies of Trout Towne asked us; Was one oh de dolphinz named flipper? 

The answer to this is still no, he was called Flapper, but we think he may have been an ancestor of Flipper.

 Why did de tor-tye pick blue & gold inn sted of camo flague?  

This is quite amusing as I asked Horice the furry same thing.  Appurrently the tor-tye sleep underneath a tree where some squawking parakeets roost.  The berries on this tree are blue and they fall on the tor-tye, hence the blue splats, and the yellow and white is actually burd poop! MOL [Sh***y pygmy tor-tye] 

Additional info:  The Tor-Tye are also actually colour blind, so they think they are totally camouflaged, almost predator-esque when in reality they are more obvious than streaker in a convent.

Did ya find smooches bandana? 

Yes, it was washed ashore, and he is furry happy about that.  It was a little bit crunchy/crispy salty stiff, but after a little bit of bashing on a rock, it seemed to soften it up.

Additional info: The bandana didn't make it, after our return Smooch gave it to the P.A. to wash as it smelled like seaweed, Kraken guts and gun powder.  Upon placing it in a bowl of cold water to soak with a pre-wash solution it promptly fizzed and then dissolved.   We are unsure as to why this happened and further tests on the liquid are being carried out by the science department. 

 Just what IZ goin on bak at de ship?

A flipping great big Kraken was trying to squeeze of the guts out of The Crimson Revenge.  In fact we found out after our returnto Sleepy Hollow, that purrticular species of Kraken aka Krakai-gar-ganutaun-squidus-leviathan became extinct in 1683 strange timing all things considered. Who knew?  

 Will ya bring horice with ya when ya come bak two de few chure? 

Not sure yet, but we'll ask him when we're closer to figuring a way back.

Additional info:  Yes Horice is safely tucked away back in the future and away from eveel Amsted.

 N we hope ta cod shark doez KNOT taste like...chckn

Shark does not taste like chicken! MOL 

Kitties Blue wanted to know; 

If we could purrhaps go to eBay or Craig's List for a used time machine that we could use to get home again?  

If there was eBay in 1683 & a bit we'd be there in flash!  Do mew think they'd take Apple pay? MOL

Does Horice's crystal have some additional powers?  

This is still an unknown at this point but we're sure that it does a lot more than just look purretty, shiny and supurr glowy! 

Additional info: The crystal has many, many powers and the science team are just beginning to discover some of them.  Fur starters; there's the telepathy thing, he can also turn objects invisible, and himself too.  He's a bit of practical joker and has on numerous occasions popped up when we've least expected it!  Last time it was when Snowie was carrying some lab equipment, it scared the bejeezus out  of her and needless to say the lab equipment ended up as toast - not literal toast, or burnt toast -  just broken fur want of a better wurd! 

He can also levitate, and let me tell mew, that is something to behold, as time goes on I'm sure we'll discover many other fantastical things. 

Dezi wanted to know: 

How awe yous gunna get back to da here and now?

Luckily Horice helped up with that, and the use of a small orb propelled us post haste back to the future.

So until next weeks Pirate Q&A, shiver me timbers, get thee a bottle o'nip rum and a hammock, and we'll be seeing mew on the morrow!

   Aharrrrrrrrrrrrrr me hearties and sail the highs sea's safely, until next time

Hearty purrs and salty sea-spray head rubs

Cap'n Basil & the Crew of The Crimson Revenge XOX


  1. Oh Basil me's so glad you all made it back home safe and sound. What an adventure you all had. Me's not sure me wulda made it.

    Luv ya'


  2. guyz....be jezuz .... if tor tye iz knot az stoooooooopid .......cranberreez; ya wood think they wood findz another place ta chillax; spesh a lee afturr de furst round oh.... depositz !!!!!!

    grate Q & A two day bye all ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. You all sure did have a grand adventure, Basil and Co. Thanks for answering all those questions -- we learned lots of stuff!


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