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Tuesday Tails ~ Pirate Q&A ~The Secrets of The Voyages of Captain Basil Revealed ~ Part II

Welcome to 


 Pirate Q&A 

The Secrets of The Voyages of Captain Basil Revealed

So me seafaring pirating fiends, are ye ready to discover all the secrets, and get thee answers to thee questions that have been keeping ye awake night aftur night??


If ye missed Q&A Part I, just be clicking the link below:

Now that we be 'aving that out of thee way, let's be getting on with the revelations from  Part II 

Here's the questions:

Where the flip are mew? 

We landed just off the coast of mystical island, which seems at this point to be remote and alone in the ocean, as are we.  GPS doesn't wurk without satellites and we definitely didn't have any of those to help us. But upon our return and mapping the co-ordinates I can now reveal that we were in fact in the Bermuda Triangle.

How bad is the damage to The Crimson Revenge?

It looked much wurse than it was, because at this point the rest of the crew didn't know we'd got a mini battleship disguised by the wooden exterior.  Mew remember how shocked effuryone was when they found out in episode 8.

Do mew think mew'll be able to fix it?

Of course, anything can be fixed, we're like the kitty equivalent of the ATeam, only much, much better! MOL

Does Humphrey really have a 'nip problem'?

Yes indeed, Humphrey does in fact have huge nip purroblem, his purroblem is there's neffur enough!!! 

What is this mysterious island mew've found?

It would appear at this point in time it is furry mysterious and yet also idyllic if mew were looking fur a cool out of the way holiday destination...  yet after further investigation it was most definitely a holiday from hell and I gave it minus-zero stars fur comfort, minus-zero stars fur service, minus-zero stars fur convenience getting there and minus-minus-zero stars fur nearly ending up in a crock pot fur kitties; who knew tortoises or pygmy-tortye were cannibals - not me until then.  But seriously, the island was trapped in some kind of intense magnetic field and this created all kinds of anomalies, many of which we are still in the process of uncovering since our return.

Why did mew tell Smooch it was monkey's on the beach?

At this point, not knowing exactly what was going off, I didn't think it prudent to cause any more alarm and knowing what Smooch is like, this was just the kind of thing I was trying to avoid, that and a mutiny!

Did mew really see a smoke monster?

Fur sure I did, and I've seen some strange things in my time, but I have to say black smoke swooshing around of its own accord is furry disconcerting on many levels and makes one question ones sanity, repeatedly.

Do mew really think it's an actual monster?

As it turned out, not a monster but a Hefflelump called Horice and as mew now know they are akin to an elephant.

OMC are mew 'LOST'?

At this juncture, we were most definitely lost, howeffur I always have a few tricks in my hat, up my sleeve and other places, and coupled with my endless ingenuity mew know it'll all wurk out ok... in the end... with a few, well maybe a lot of mishaps and close shaves along the way... but it does wurk out eventually... usually in the positive too... though sometimes not... but I remain pawsitively hopeful at all times! MOL


Flynn asked: Where does Humphrey get his nip?

Flynn, Humphrey dabbles in the lab in the secret bunker where he splices and concocts his own synthetic varieties of nip, and then tests them on himself before he offurs it fur sale.  I must say he is in fact a bit of a botany genius and some of the synth-nip he's produced makes your fur stand on end, your tail quiver, your brains tingle and the sensation of sliding off any surface mew may be on at a rather bizarre angle  - I heartily recommend trying it but only on weekends and when we're not on an adventure, or saving the world from aliens or the like.

TheTabbies o Trout Towne wanted to know:  If we found Godzilla?

Tabbies, the only thing we found so far was a smoke monster and a lot of water, but mew know whats coming next! MOL

So until next weeks Pirate Q&A, shiver me timbers, get thee a bottle o'nip rum and a hammock, and we'll be seeing mew on the morrow!

   Aharrrrrrrrrrrrrr me hearties and sail the highs sea's safely

Hearty purrs and salty sea-spray head rubs

Cap'n Basil & the Crew of The Crimson Revenge XOX


  1. guys....we lovez thiz Q & A all most az much az de storee....purrhaps de PA will put de Q & A inta storee form...short storee....even tho itz all reddy de storee......

    uh.......never mind uz.....we iz knot even makin senze ta R selves ~~~~

    oh kay then, heerz two a happee twooz day & thanx for lettin uz noe but de nip and Godzilla !!! ♥♥♥

    1. Tabbies, mew know how much we looooove your comments and are pawsitively vibrating with happiness that mew are enjoying our Q&A sessions!

      We will put your purrposal to the P.A. about extending the book with this :D XOX

  2. We just wanted to ask, besides doing the Q&A sessions, how do you and the crew pass the time between adventures? my peep thinks it's all training sessions like the SAS...

    1. Hey Erin, thanks fur your comment and mew know we love your questions, and the answer to today's is: We spend our time expanding the secret bunker, adding gadgets, gizmo's and all manner of paraphernalia to our already extensive armoury etc... Parsley and Smooch have daily training sessions as they are still furry young and need the discipline. The rest of us are obviously in charge of their training as it does cover a multitude of things from weapons training to tank driving all the way through to laboratory duty and now feeding Horice down on level 8... so as mew can imagine our days are purretty busy! XOX

  3. Thank you for answering my question about Humphrey's nip, but that has given me a more pressing question. Will Humphrey give me the formula for his synthetic nip in exchange for treats? I want to feel my tail quiver and my brain tingle!

    1. Hey Flynn, I'll get Humphrey to send it to mew asap, no need for an exchange and let us know if mew get that tingle!! MOL xox

  4. And let me tell you, Humphrey's nip problem REALLY IS a big problem, for sure. MOUSES!


    1. Hey Seville, yep Humphrey is a true nip connoisseur! MOL MOL XOX


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