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THE LAST BIG JOLLY ~ Part V Of Our Latest Epically Epic Adventure!

Welcome to



In our latest mind-blowing, fur-raising, most epically epic adventure to date when we attempt to travel around the wurld in 42 and a bit days!

What could possibly go wrong?

Pawesome greetings supurr pals

Welcome to Part V of our latest saga and we know this is the post mew've all been waiting fur since fureffur, so let's get started! 

To catch up on the action, here's the link fur last week:


A quick recap from the last episode:

 Pandora let her paw glide offur the odd writing several times as she mumbled to herself.  Finally she said. "I think it's says something like this....

Bob your mission is this, should mew choose to accept it

 Only The Great Basil can save the Fuzzykin Feline civilization from the Eveeel One 

You must find him in a galaxy far far far away and bring him back to Catopia before it's too late

The Felines of Catopia 

... Vell that's furry interesting, it just confirms what Bob already told us!"

"Mew're not kidding!" I replied and gave Bob a weak smile.

Suddenly Astrid's metallic voice rang out as the lights came back on and the TTTB came back to life with its soft humming sound. "Captain Basil, all systems are now repaired and the alien is on the bridge."

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Thanks Astrid, effurything is under control and the alien is not a threat."

"Captain Basil I would suggest that you put the alien into quarantine until further notice," Astrid said.

"Thanks Astrid but I think we've got effurything under control," I answered flatly.

Smooch came running on to the bridge closely followed by Parsley, Humphrey and Fudge. "We've got something!" he declared.

Parsley held up a jar and in it was a peculiar pink fish. "It's a Burble Fish, if we put it in Bobs ear he'll be able to sprechen ze English and understand us."

"Wow!" I said. "That's rather impressive Humphrey."

Humphrey grinned and said. "Oh it's nothing, I've been wurking on it fur years and thought it might come in handy as we're travelling to so many foreign climes." 

"Pandora, can mew explain to Bob that we need to put this in his ear so we can communicate?" I asked.

Pandora pointed at the fish, then at Bob and said. "Babble, burble, gurgle ear, babble grumble burble, burble burble!" 

Bob nodded and pointed as his ear.  Pandora said. "He's agreeable but only if The Great Basil does the deed."

I took the jar from Parsley and fished out the fish.  I held it in front of Bob and then pointed towards his ear.  He nodded enthusiastically and I dropped the fish in and watched it squirm and wriggle out of sight into Bobs head. 
We all let out a unanimous: "UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

And then Bob shouted. "Basil mew don't know how long I've been looking fur mew and time is running out!"

I was just thinking 'WOW IT WURKS', when Astrid's voice rang out. "Basil I have a long distance message coming through on channel one."

"Patch it through the bridges comms Astrid," I replied, still shuddering as I thought of that fish burrowing into Bobs brain.

"This is the EVEEEL ONE," said the voice. "I am looking for The Great Basil, if you know of his whereabouts I will spare your vessel and crew." 


Part V


**And Action!**

We stayed silent and listened as the Eveeel One continued. "You have five minutes to respond before I take action!"

The speakers went silent with a definitive click and then Astrid spoke. "Captain Basil, it would appear we are being targeted by an unknown cloaked vessel that has just dropped out of hyper-space."

"That's interesting Astrid, have mew got anything that we can actually use," I asked as my hackles bristled.

"Basil," Humphrey said. "If we are being targeted I can use the Holo-Scope Projector to create several images of the TTTB in our local to confuse The Eveeel One."

"Great idea, do it Humphrey and while they're trying to target multiple TTTB's we'll just pop off somewhere else." I replied, then added. "Astrid if we project multiple images of the TTTB around our location, would it give mew enough time to teleport us to another dimension before they realize and blow us up?"

"I am calculating the probabilities right now," Astrid said.

I looked at Bob, who seemed terrified that The Eveeel One had found us so soon. I patted him gently on the head and said. "Bob, little dude, don't fret we're used to this kind of threat, it's just a normal effuryday occurrence fur us."

Bob looked up at me, his big expressive eyes were full of tears. "But Basil, no-one has effur defeated The Eveeel One and time is running out!"

I put my paw on his shoulder and sat next to him. "Dude purrlease don't be afraid, we've got this!"

"Counting down," Humphrey said. "TTTB holo-images on screen in three... two.... one... on screen now!"

"Astrid, what's the good news?" I asked.

"Captain Basil, the enemy ship is now trying to lock onto all of the new images and is powering up its weapons system," Astrid answered. "It will take them a few minutes."

"Ok then teleport us now!" I said with just a touch of urgency in my tone.

We all stood waiting fur the tell-tail swooshing whooshing sound the TTTB made when it was about to jump time and space.  But it neffur came...

"Astrid..." I pressed. "What's the hold up?"

Strangely Astrid didn't respond.  "Well it would appear that Astrid is on the fritz again, time to take evasive action," I said hastily. "Pandora what's our next destination?" 

"Vienna Capitan Basil," she replied in her funny little accent.

"B Team, effury-purrdy on deck now, take your stations as we're taking offur!" I yelled and raced to my chair. "Bob mew're with me little dude."

Bob scampered aftur me and jumped up into my chair and positioned himself on the arm, and began to tremble.

"Amber, tell me some good news," I called as I watched the monitors fur any sign of a ship.  "Snowie can mew track the cloaked vessel?"

"All good Basil, just powering up now," Amber replied. "We'll be ready in a jiffy!"

"Can't seem to get a fixed location Basil, their cloaking system is highly sophisticated and their position keeps changing from moment to moment, it's furry random."

"Well see if there's a pattern to the randomness, we may be able to pin-point them aftur several cycles ok," I responded and scanned the monitors again.

This was my actual view... furry purretty isn't it?

"I think I've got something!" Snowie said.

Humphrey yelled. "I just fired the Disrupter, and readying again... Smooch hit that fire button."

"Firing now!" Smooch whooped. 

The TTTB shuddered and then this appeared on screen.

"Fire that Disrupter again," I shouted excitedly. "It's wurking!"

Bob wailed and covered his eyes as The Eveeeel Ones ship uncloaked fully.

"Basil, their weapons system has locked onto all holo-images now, we need to get the flip gone," Snowie said rather urgently.

Humphrey laughed, and believe me when I tell mew it was the most evil cackle I'd effur heard.  "Parsley on my mark," he said. 

Parsley nodded and cackled back.

"Humphrey what are mew doing?" I called.

"I'm getting rid of something rather eveeeeel!" Humphrey cackled and then added. "FIRE NOW PARSLEY!" 

"FIRE!" Parsley whooped as he whacked a button on his console.

I sat in my chair, Bob next to me trembling like a leaf in a Category 9 gale and watched the screens.

"But I can't see anything!" I declared aftur a moment, disappointment flooding through me.

Then it happened, just as Humphrey replied. "Mew can't see anything as we're firing Invisi-Warheads at them!"  he cackled again. "Completely undetectable until impact, HOOAH!"

Parsley and Humphrey paw-bumped and laughed some more as Parsley swatted the fire button again.

The missiles hit the spaceship, exploding on contact.

The second round of missiles hit and the ship exploded into smithereens.

"Those dudes are space-dust fur sure!" Parsley laughed and at that precise moment the TTTB roared into life.  Pandora was frantically keying in crucial information to try and take us back to our earth, time, space continuin-nom-nom-nom.

A few seconds later we landed with a soft bump and I said. "Stats, now!"

Pandora was still thrashing the flip out of the keyboard. "Capitan Basil," she said in her odd little accent. "It vould seem that Astrid is still in charge of the navigation systems and ve are in Vienna, but not our Vienna... I can't seem to hack ze system either, 'Umphrey do mew 'av any idea's?"

"So what Vienna are we in?" I asked.

Data began to scroll on-screen.

Vienna: On A Gondola Date: 2009  Dimension: 7 ~  Baconi Sector
Danger: 0.01%   Risk of Injury: 0%   Risk of Mortality: 0%  Outside Temp: +20  
Air Quality: Nice and Fresh

"Oh the Baconi Sector seems rather safe," I mused, and then wundered if I could get a bacon sandwich anywhere. 

"Basil," Snowie said. "Comms on channel 3, and I could really do with a bacon sarnie!"

That's odd, I thought, I'm sure I didn't say that aloud.

The entire bridge erupted with talk of copious amounts of bacon, until Humphrey said. "Pandora, Astrid seems to have developed some sort of self-awareness and has inadvertently or maybe purrhaps on purrpose, made herself unhackable, so we're stuck with her multi-dimensional trip until I can figure out a way to do something and a bacon sarnie will help my thinking no end!"  

Pandora replied. "But 'Umphrey, this machine is dangerous... Astrid could 'av got us all blown up, ve need to take back full control, but yes aftur a bacon butty!"

I rolled my eyes and then turned to Bob. "Bob, are mew coming with or are mew staying here, we'll only be five minutes and then we can get back to saving your wurld from The Eveeel One, ok?"

Bob gulped and said. "Basil, I'll stay here if that's ok, but could I get a bacon butty too?"

I laughed and nodded.  "OK dudes and dudettes time to roll, furst we need a photo and then a bacon butty, so let's get moving and no-one is to leave the tour group fur anything, understood?"

The B Team nodded as we headed fur the door.  Smooch was on his tablet looking fur bacon butty vendors and would mew believe it, when we opened the TTTB door there was a bacon butty gondola cruising the canal; well mew could have knocked me down with a buttered bun, dipped me in ketchup and I wouldn't have been any more surprised!

"Pandora, go tell that gondola dude on the dock that we will pay him 25 Euro's to ferry us to the bacon butty dude," I said quickly assessing our options.

Pandora nudged Parsley. "Parsley, do mew 'av any Euro's?"

He handed her a 50 Euro note and said. "I want change!" He set the camera drone up as we boarded the gondola, and we were ready fur anything, as long as it had bacon in a bun.

Two minutes later, this was us.


Back in the TTTB Bob sat burbling to himself, when Astrid suddenly spoke in her metallic voice. "Youngling of the Fuzzykin Felines, I would ask that you leave immediately!"

Bob looked up, alert and on guard. "But why?" he asked.

Astrid started to speak and then stopped abruptly.

"Bob! Bob!" I called. "We're back and we got mew a bacon butty."

The little cat-like creature came bounding up to me and jumped into my arms, he looked this way and that until he saw Pandora and waved frantically to her.

I handed him the butty and he stuffed it in his mouth and gulped. "Gosh that was good, do mew have any more?" he asked.

I handed him another and this time he actually stopped to chew it, all the while beckoning Pandora closer.  He swallowed and then murmured in Pandora's ear in is native dialect.

Pandora listened intently and nodded, before turning to me.  "Basil," she said. "Ve need to talk and it's serious, furry serious!" 

I had just crossed Vienna off the Bucket List and looked up to see her terrified expression.

"Humphrey," I said. "Do mew have a device that can allow Pandora and I to talk privately?"

He took another bite from butty number three and said. "Sure I do!"  he ambled to the engineering console, opened a cupboard and pulled out a duffel bag.  Inside were a pile of silver cones, much like the cone-of-shame. "Put this on," he said to Pandora.  Then he handed me one. "Put it on Basil and then push the blue button."

I felt like a nitwit wearing a silver cone, but Pandora was all business, she hit the blue button and gestured fur me to do the same. Which I did.

Immediately we were encased in a blue force-field that shimmered around us like a rippling prismic bubble.

Pandora said in her peculiar little accent. "Bob just told me that Astrid ordered him off the TTTB and that she's up to something bad, he thinks she is vurking vith The Eveeel Vone!"


It's that time of the post, when we bet mew've more questions than mew can shake your tail at!

Such as:

OMC How could mew leave us hanging like that and we've got a whole week to wait?!

OH MY COD!!!!! OH MY COD!!!!! OH MY COD!!!!!

Like seriously ~ mew had bacon butty's?

And what about that alien space ship, are mew sure there weren't any more? 

Do mew think mew managed to blow up The Eveeel One?

Where is this bacon butty vendor and can I get 10?

Are mew really going to Catopia?

Vienna looks nice, was it?

Tell us, were those bacon butty's delish or what?

And what about Bob, can mew trust him?


Can mew trust Astrid?

Either way dudes, I'll have another bacon butty!

If mew have any questions, or would like to offur input, leave us a comment, as mew know we luffs them so much! MOL

Join us fur Part Six of our Summer Blockbuster next Tuesday, when we continue on our epically epic adventure.... who knows what will happen.... as now we've got trust issues abound, but at least we have bacon butty's galore! MOL

Until then

Bestest purrs

Basil & The 'B' Team

*    *   *

TTTB Interior image By MaxFX used under license from Shutterstock 
Bunker Background Images used under license from Shutterstock.com
Monster Images by  Albert Ziganshin used under license from Shutterstock.com
All Destination Backgrounds & cuneiform tablet used under paid Pizap Licence 


  1. Seriously there should be a Bacon Butty gondola everywhere! I wonder if they have wheels on them?
    Anyways, Basil, dude you have a serious problem with ships computer, do you think she was dropped on her hard drive when she was a small laptop? Maybe you could trick her into spilling the beans as to what she's up to?!
    PS You get to see all the nice space scales, explosions, and battle ships, how'd you manage it?
    PPS Do you have any cute cuddly toy versions of Bob.... a signed picture will do?

    1. Hey Erin, mew could be right about Astrid being dropped when she was a small laptop... something is defo amiss and the nav system is playing up too! How do we manage seeing all the action, hmmmm, it's pure coincidence fur sure! I'll ask Bob if he's up fur a photoshoot ok? XOX

  2. guyz.....just sayin....but pleez make sure bob iz knot like a double agent sekrit spy ya noe.....

    H & P...total lee awesum job oh blastin de space vee hikle ta smitherz reenz...thanx bee ta cod it waz knot a burd oh prey ~~~~ { wrong sci fi show we noe...but !! } ☺☺♥♥

    1. Tabbies, oh yes Bob could be a spy, double agent, or COD knows what, we'll progress with extreme caution but furst the nav system needs attention! MOL XOX

  3. wait, I missed the start.... * runs offf *

    1. MOL, see mew later aftur the big catch up sesh Dash Kitten Crew!!! MOL XOX

  4. Another excellent installment. Love the TARDIS :)

  5. Oh wow....you've tossed bacon into the mix now with the buttys and sarnies and a gondola? WOW.....bacon could probably power up a space vehicle it's so darn yummy. As for the adventure - it's certainly one amazing turn after another and I'm wondering if Astrid is in fact a double agent! Time will tell......can't wait for another installment of the EPIC adventure!

    Love, Teddy

    1. MOL Teddy, yep we tossed bacon in there just fur mew and Angel Sammy, a special homage! MOL Oh Astrid is something fur sure, although we don't know quite what yet! MOL XOX

  6. Space ships, aliens, the Tardis, gondolas and bacon, too. What more could a kitty wish for. Especially the Bacon. The red holo pic looked like multiple Tardises in red. Wondered if there were more Time Lirds out there. Mommy and Zoe are psyched the next Doctor is a girl. Raja is whatever.
    Zoe and Raja from PlayingInCatnip.com

    1. Hey Yael, Raja and Zoe, what more could any kitty wish fur indeed!!! MOL Oh there's not many Time Lords left now, we're are actually the only kitties part of TIME LORD INC. And OMG the new DR is a gurl, so funny, we love the show! MOL XOX

  7. Holy Moly! That is what we call an EPIC adventure!

    1. Guys, yep mew know we only do epically epic , as epic just isn't enough anymore! MOL MOL XOX

  8. Now you really have me hooked...and somehow that bit of Vienna looked a lot like Venice!! MOL!

    Now about Astrid ...do you think she was hacked by the evil one to do harm...and not on her own volition anymore?? Hmmm, I guess I shall have to take a long nightmarish nap till next week...

    1. WOOOO HOOOOOOOO Pipo & Mr Jack, your observation skills are sublime and mew're the only ones that mentioned it - we didn't go to Vienna, we went to Venice and mew'll find out why next time - Congrats fur spotting it!!! Great point about Astrid being hacked.... but mew know we can't spoilerize anything fur mew today, sorry about the long nightmarish nap until the next episode! [oops] XOX

  9. That Eveeel Ones spaceship appearing out of the blue like that totally scared us. We're glad your missiles worked!

    We also hope you find some bacon butties!

    1. Hey Zoe & Gracie, oh we are too, mew have no idea!!! MOL XOX

  10. No no no no! Don't trust Astrid! Robot mousies, Cat Karaoke and now unlimited bacon butties. She's trying to lull you into a false sense of security, and Bob knows it. That's why she wants to get rid of him. Oh yeah, and since when has Vienna had all those canals? That's probably down to Astrid too.

    1. MOL MOL oh mew guys crack us up, yep we think mew're right dudes... but just wait til mew read this weeks episode things have gone from bad to wurse in a heartbeat!!! XOX

  11. Another exciting post! It's like a sic-fi Hollywood movie! Mom & are enjoying every minute of it! I don't know if you should trust the Fuzzykin, 'cause maybe he is the evil one in disguise! Take caution! The mention of those bacon butty nom noms make me hungry! -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

    1. Hey Valentine, oh yes we're defo in a Hollywood-esque saga, and OMC maybe Bob is really the Eveeel One in disguise, we neffur thought of that, wow that certainly wurth thinking about!!! Hope mew got some bacon butty's buddy! XOX


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