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Finally we've gotten around to doing an about us page, and after nearly 120,000 page views some of The Heathen Hoard thought it was a moot point, a bit like after the horse has bolted but I said, "Look mew lot, we make new pawesome furriends effury week, and they have no clue about us!"

So after a little more debate, they conceded that I was right and basically, they weren't! MOL

So here's a bit about:


Here's our stats:

[Age info correct at time of posting August 2015]

We are all from the same Rescue Centre apart from Amber and Smoochie.

Humphrey and Miss Mildred [OTRB January 2009] were the furst to arrive in February 2000, closely followed by Snowie and Posie in April of the same year.  Amber was next in May 2002 aftur her previous peeps decided a new leather sofa was better than a cat ????  I, Basil was next to arrive in May 2004 aftur having four homes in two years.   

Then there was a long pause before Smoochie arrived in November 2012, he was a feral at the P.A.'s wurk that she was feeding, he furry sadly got hit by a car and the P.A. brought him home after his surgery.  And finally young Parsley arrived in September 2014.


Age: 13
Birthday: 1st June
Likes: Catnip - Mice - Prawns - Most Things
Dislikes: Not furry much
Adopted age 2

Angel Snowie

Age: 16
Birthday: 24th July
Over The Rainbow Bridge:  April 2017
Likes: Eating & Sleeping [in that order]
Dislikes: Not being fed
Adopted age 8 months


Age: 2 & 9.9 10ths [almost furry nearly 3]
Birthday: 31st August
Likes: Being outside - Snuggles - The Laser Toy
Dislikes: Not going outside
Adopted age 2


Age: 12
Birthday: 24th October
Likes: Sleeping - Being Brushed - Being Alone
Dislikes: Effuryone she doesn't know
Adopted age 7 months


Age: 4
Birthday: 1st May
Likes: Smooching - Licking Effurypurrdy - Sharing The Love
Dislikes: Not Furry Much
Previously Feral kitten at the P.A.'s wurk, tamed and homed

 Angel Humphrey

Age: 16
Birthday: 17th December
Over The Rainbow Bridge:  April 2017
Likes: His Uncle John from next door
Dislikes: Effurypurdy Else
Adopted age 1

Angel Posie 

Age: 16 [would have been now]
Birthday: 30th June
Over The Rainbow Bridge: 22nd April 2015
Liked: Dreamies - Napping - Being Spoilt
Disliked: Being Picked up
Adopted age 8 months

Meet The Newbies 2017

Age: 1 year 3 months
Likes: Water:- taps, puddles, ponds, buckets, the shower, the bath, the sink etc... love's it!
Dislikes: Not being able to go outside, wearing a collar when he does go outside
Adopted age 9 months

Age: 2
Likes: talking and carrying her toys around the house, going outside
Dislikes: Being picked up fur too long
Adopted age 1 year 6 months

*     *     *

So as mew can see, where a bunch of supurr diverse characters which makes fur a furry interesting home-life [MOL] but generally effurypurdy get's along just fine.  There's an occasional spat, hiss, and swipe, but that's purrfectly normally in a large furmilly.

Our P.A. [Purrsonal Assistant] Cathrine [Another Cat - her name is Cat and her initials are CAT - tres bizarre MOL] & Dad look after all our needs and wants, making sure we're all loved, and well taken care of, so what more could we ask fur?

We've been blogging fur approx 3 years and have made some truly pawesome furriends along the way.  We try to be as unique as we can sharing our many adventures with mew on a weekly basis.  Effury so often we'll have a mega adventure and the story can take between 10 - 16 blog posts to come to fruition - suspense is our middle name.

Here's the stories so far:

2017 The Last Big Jolly ~ In progress now Started July 17

The links above are fur the finale episode - there mew'll see additional links fur the entire series as it's better to read them in order, otherwise mew'll be lost fur sure! MOL

We also participate in many blog hops throughout the week and co-host the Pet Parade with Rascal & Rocco & Barking From The Bayou.

The P.A. also makes the banners fur the Pet Parade and mew can see them here.

We also feature Brain Training, Book Reviews, Colouring With Cats, Pet Peeves, Crafting With Cats and a whole host of other things too, so there's something fur effurypurrdy. 

*    *    *

Effury now and then we do get asked to do a sponsored post or a product review etc... which is great fun! 

Here are the links thus far:

Coming Soon...

Cat Tracker

FYI: Even though we have been given item/s free of charge for a review, our reviews are completely honest and reflects our own experience with the product/s. We would neffur comprise our integrity fur a freebie.

We have been furry lucky in the fact that with our sponsored posts and product reviews, we have been given full artistic license to make them fit with our blog and our style of writing, which is also furry impor-tante to us as we are all highly individual kitties that express ourselves in a certain way and this is something else we won't be compromised on.

 So if mew'd like us to do a product review or a sponsored post, that's great  and we'd love to help, in our own style of course! MOL

*    *    *

We also like feature guest posts, cat literature - well anything feline really or K9 fur that matter, so if any of mew have something to say or would like to share with our readers, drop us a line.

*   *   *

Well that's about it fur now, if there's anything mew'd like to know purrlease feel free to leave us a comment or email us via the contact form on the left-hand side bar.

Oh and before we furget, we do love, more than we could effur express all the comments that our pawesome furriends from all over the world leave us and we do try to respond to as many as possible,  although sometimes the P.A. doesn't have as much time as we'd like fur this, so just know that we cherish effury word mew write and look forward most eagerly to your responses to our sometimes completely bonkers posts!

Mew can also follow us here, if mew'd like:

Yours always and fur-effur purring

Basil & The B Team xox


  1. My goodness, so many kitties all under one roof! You are very lucky to have all these cuties! :) Your about page looks great and is a good idea.
    Come visit me too at http://www.portraits-by-nc.com

    Visiting from the Blog Paws Community ~

    1. Hi guys, thanks so much fur visiting, and we're on our way to your blog right now! Purrs Basil & CO xox


*Waves Paw* we love comments and do purr extra loud when mew leave one, and we do try to reply to effurypurrdy and visit mew too! ❤️❤️❤️

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